Home Staging Tips – What To Do, What NOT To Do.

 In today's competitive market, putting up a “for sale” sign and waiting for the best won't be enough. You need to take extra steps to sell your home for the most money in the shortest period of time. Deliberately improving your property’s total appeal by transforming it into an attractive home that appeals to the largest potential buying audience has become the order of the day.

Here are some reminders to make that best first good impression to buyers:


What to Do.




Your home is a very personal possession.  In order to get into the heads of buyers, your goal should be to help them see themselves in it. Seeing less of your personal items will make it easier to picture living there. With that said, it’s very important to neutralize your property while being listed for sale.

The idea is to make your property a little more of a blank opus to appear less lived-in. Remove personal photos and replace them with artworks. Imagining of owning it would be hard if your family photos are everywhere. Display canvas artworks, paintings or images of landscape scenes, modern shapes, or aspirational travel.

Box and wrap you stuff neatly and store them for a while.



One of the common reasons people give for moving from one house to another is lack of space in their current home. Prospective buyers are therefore looking for a new one that gives them more space, and more to grow into. That much of a space should be exhibited by your home.  

To achieve this, the less things or distractions that can be found inside your property, the better shot you have to be considered by the buyer. Remove any items that may not be relevant to the buyer’s daily functioning. They need to see the space they are getting, to see the real and good value of it. Not to mention, clutter keeps the buyer from seeing the beauty of your home interior.


3.     DEEP CLEAN.


Prospective buyers want to snoop around and get into every corner of your home. Buyers notice everything. One little mess or a dirty spot could turn them off.  So before placing your home on the market or taking photos for your listing, do a thorough deep-clean of your home. Clean the carpets, scrub the baseboards, remove the cobwebs. Confused on where to start? Cleaning checklists are available on the internet.


No one has ever decided NOT to buy a home because it is just too clean.  So clean, and clean some more, look around your house.  You can’t afford to miss a spot. Leave nothing untouched. 




While we agree that less is more, it is important to bear in mind that we have to make the property as impressive as possible. So if necessary, you may add or enhance the overall look and feel of the house. You may do the following:

a.     Roll-out a welcome mat. Upon entry to the house, a mat would also make a warm welcome, inviting the buyer to see the rest of it.

b.    Mount mirrors in strategic spots. Hanging a few mirrors make the dark areas in your house lighter and the size of the space appear double.

c.     Put throw pillows on sofa to accentuate the living room area. A vibrant throw pillow with neutral colored walls and sofa set can transform an entire room's feel. This can give a stylish and out-of-magazine flavor to the house that really appeals to buyers.

d.     Dress the Bathroom with elegant white linens. Clear the clutter in your bathroom and spruce it up with fresh white linens creating a spa-like display. You may add an orchid, candles and special soaps to add to the feel.

e.     Arrange decorative pieces. These vignettes can make a cozy, lived-in ambience to a house. Assemble classy colorful vases, lanterns, books, plants, baskets, and other decorative items on top of dressers, counters and even bookshelves.


What NOT To Do.



Good natural lighting and views usually do the magic. Trim any foliage blocking a window area outside the house. Manicuring outdoor spaces is one of the top must do items when preparing your home for sale. Make sure any plants blocking windows are trimmed in a manner that looks neat and allows light to pass into your home.  Don’t allow plants to block windows. 


2.           DO NOT LEAVE RED FLAGS.


After you have done the above mentioned tips, walk thru the house, check all corners and areas to make sure that everything is clean and in order. Do not ignore even the smallest item in your home that could possibly drive prospective buyers away. Paint your front door. Replace dead bulbs. Repair broken doors. Patch damage walls. Refinish your floors. Again, buyers notice everything.




While you must be spending too much effort and time in preparing your home, remember that you are not the only one selling in the market. Never underestimate competition. You may want to see listings of other sellers or tale to prospective buyers who have had visited a property and learn from them. You might be able to get something and apply it to your own listing.


4.           DO NOT BE NEGATIVE.


While you eliminate all negative items in your home, it’s also important that you remove all negative thoughts and vibes you have. Stay positive and make that sale. Be nice when dealing with prospective buyers. Nothing beats pleasing accommodation for with visitors. Your own warmth and that of your home will surely leave the buyers impressed.